The fee will depend on the source text, namely its subject matter and degree of difficulty. I will gladly send you a free, no obligation price estimate if you forward your source text by E-mail or fax. Basically, the following rates apply:
  • CHF 2.70/Line* (simple texts)
  • CHF 3.20/Line* (normal texts)
  • CHF 3.50/Line*  (difficult to demanding texts)
  • Rates for special projects on request.
  • A lump sum can be negotiated for extensive projects.
  • Click here for a free (no obligation) Price Estimate

        * 1 Line = 55 characters, including spaces

You can also use the Word Count function in Microsoft Winword to obtain a price estimate for the text to be translated, as follows:
  1. Open Winword and retrieve the document to be translated.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu Extras.
  3. Select Word Count.
  4. The menu which appears shows various statistics. On the line which reads Characters (with spaces) note the number and divide it by 55 to obtain the number of lines.
  5. Multiply the number of lines by CHF 2.70, CHF 3.20 or CHF 3.50 to obtain the price estimate.
Editing / Proofreading
  • CHF 80.-- / hour 
  • CHF 120.-- / hour
Office Services / Word Processing 
  • CHF 55.-- / hour
  • Data transmission:  per E-mail, CD Rom or floppy disc, fax, normal mail
  • Surcharges:
    - 25% for next day delivery
    - 50% for same day delivery and work performed on weekends
    - Additional expenses, including telephone, telefax, postage, copies, etc., shall be charged to the
  • All prices exclusive VAT
  • Terms of payment:  30 days from date of invoice


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