Can you read these hieroglyphs? 

Probably not, unless you are an experienced Egyptologist. Hieroglyphs are one of the oldest forms of writing and consist of more than 2,000 characters. The 26 letters of our alphabet even trace back indirectly to this extensive metaphorical language of the Egyptians following centuries of development.

Just for fun click on the word Hieroglyphs to have your name translated into this fascinating pictorial language.
Although languages have developed over millennia, their main function - communication - has not changed and remains the key to understanding among people of various nationalities and cultures. The world has not only become smaller thanks to the myriad communication media available, but has also grown more complex. As a result people must find ways not only of mutually exchanging but also understanding each other's ideas, viewpoints and feelings. This is valid for politics, commerce and industry, and even in normal everyday life. The wide spectrum of international languages does not simplify this communication process, and the significance of translations should thus never be underestimated.
Whether you put enormous effort into drafting a company brochure destined for international clientele or spend hours in compiling your job application records, the translation of these documents should put you, your company, respectively your product into a good light. A special responsibility is therefore incumbent on the translator when it comes to selecting the right wording - not always an easy task. Especially since today he or she "only" has 26 letters of the alphabet instead of the more than 2,000 hieroglyphic signs to work with.
Bad translations damage your image. In your own best interest you would thus be wise to entrust this work to a professional.

Thanks to my experience in various business segments - including advertising, law, marketing, public relations -  in industry and politics, as well as my Swiss-American background with mother tongue English and German, I can offer you competent support when it comes to:

  • translating
  • editing texts and proofreading documents prior to print
  • coining advertising slogans
  • writing your English correspondence or reports, on a business or private basis
  • assisting you with speeches and lectures.

Reliability, flexiblity as well as discretion and punctual delivery of work belong to my business principles. 

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I look forward to hearing from you!

                                                                              Annemarie Meier-Sollberger


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